Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ball Gown in Antique Attic

Dear friends,

After a long, but awesome band practice, I headed down the road to stop into the Library and, wouldn't you know it, but an Antique Store was innocently located just next store!  Annabel's Antiques in Goodlettsville, TN is a lovely store run by lovely women of the Southern Bell variety.  

I tried on this pale blue ball gown upstairs and would have purchased it, if it has fit a little more snuggly.

I did end up purchasing a dress which I will not reveal in this entry--you have to wait until I have a good reason to wear a beautiful 1950"s mauve crepe dress with bronze bead work.  I think Monday night might be the night!  

The best part about my purchase, other than the unbeatable price of 10 bucks, was that I got to search through a wooden trunk --of the hope-chest variety--to find it and I felt like a kid playing dress-up again!

Thanks for reading friends.

Nora Jane

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