Monday, September 14, 2009

12th South in Yellow Polka Dots

Dear Friends,

On Thursday my band, Jeremy Darrow-bass, Brent Truitt-mandolin, Ben Sanders-fiddle, and I had the pleasure of playing at Nashville's own, 12th South Taproom. Thanks to all our friends who came out to see the show! It was a Big Time.

I wore my second favorite dancing dress-- a yellow polka dot number made new, out of vintage material. How cool is that? I purchased this little number a few years ago at Zachary Smile, a NYC boutique located on Laffeyette St. south of Houston. It was more expensive than the kind of dresses I usually spring for, but if you could see how the skirt twirls when I spin, you'd agree it was totally worth it.

Thanks for reading friends!

Nora Jane

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